6 Powerful Business Quotes From The Business Titan Earl G. Graves Sr.

Earl Graves said it. Whether people received his words via his uplifting public speeches, his award-winning Publisher’s Page magazine column, or his national bestselling, now classic business book How To Succeed in Business Without Being White: Straight Talk On Making It In America, the founder of Black Enterprise earned a level of trust comparable to—and often far greater than—that enjoyed by American presidents. The consensus is all but unanimous: If Earl Graves said it, you not only can believe it—you can count on it.

6  Powerful Business Quotes From The Business Titan Earl G. Graves Sr.

Originally Published Apr. 6, 2022

Earl G. Graves Sr., the visionary founder and publisher of BLACK ENTERPRISE, died at 85, but his insight will live for ages.

In celebration of his legacy, we are reminded that the iconic entrepreneur, corporate board pioneer, activist, and philanthropist continues to pave the way for generations of Black business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Graves, a successful business titan, exuded power in his business and advice for business success. Here are six powerful Earl Graves business quotes that will continue to empower Black people to win.

“You can forget who you are as an African American. I mean, unfortunately, we have people who have succeeded and done well in business, and they don’t identify with any of the issues or problems we have at all as a people. I think that is unfortunate, and it’s their problem to our demise as a people if we have people who are successful not realizing who they are.”

“Economic power is the key to success in a capitalistic society. Business is the means to that power. African Americans can play this game, and we can win at it. You can succeed in business without being white.”

“I believe that entrepreneurship is the ultimate smart money move and the surest path toward wealth for African Americans. Far fewer Blacks than whites benefit from inherited wealth or assets. Entrepreneurship is the primary way to create the sort of wealth that can be passed on and built upon by succeeding generations.”

“Excelling in business goes hand in hand with excelling at creating opportunities for others. Any entrepreneur can make money. The very best make a difference.”

“It is the responsibility of all African Americans to help our young people understand the opportunities that entrepreneurship and business offer.”

“We keep going back, stronger, not weaker, because we will not allow rejection to beat us down. It will only strengthen our resolve. To be successful, there is no other way.”

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