About Unmuted News

Unmuted News offers comprehensive, inclusive and directly digestible news and content in a digital format (app, podcast, web & AI) to the Black community at large, ensuring that patrons of the service are informed and enabled to be effective citizens. From Ferguson to Orlando, we’ve watched our communities lose. Future losses must be avoided, and we believe that access and knowledge jolt needed change. Within the spectrum of Unmuted News services, instant alerts allow readers to stay informed in multiple ways: including but not limited to – disparaging community happenings, rancid police activity, politics, entertainment and sports.  

Unmuted News is part of the Urban Newsroom digital family and owned and operated by Unmutedco.  In line with the vision of Unmutedco, our publication exists to equip, empower and educate Black and brown communities, holding to our belief that an informed community is an effective community.  Urban Newsroom is a digital wire service created to provide curated news content to urban networks.