Trendspotting: A Black-owned gift guide for Gen Z

With such an overwhelming influx of ever-changing trends, it can take time to tell what young people want for the The post Trendspotting: A Black-owned gift guide for Gen Z appeared first on TheGrio.

Trendspotting: A Black-owned gift guide for Gen Z

Clueless about what to gift your cousins, kids, or homies this holiday season? We’ve got some ideas from Black-owned brands.

With such an overwhelming influx of ever-changing trends, it can take time to tell what young people want for the holidays. Today, most young adults are either too lazy or too undecided to make a wishlist—and instead default to asking for everyone’s favorite gift: money. But while anyone would appreciate an unexpected deposit in their account (especially with recent inflation), the holidays call for a more personal touch. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of relatively affordable and intentional gifts to give the Gen-Z people on your shopping list! 

Gift ideas for the homies and the cousins
A gift guide for Gen-Z (Photo: Getty Images)

Complete Chaos Game 

Complete Chaos game, Black-owned party game
Photo: Complete Chaos

Gift endless laughs and memories by slipping the Complete Chaos game under the tree. A mix of charades and trivia, this Black-owned party game tests players’ knowledge of Black influence in music, tv/movies, sports, food, fashion, and more. 

Sunset Lamps and LED lights

Colored lights can turn any space into a vibe. Depending on their style, consider gifting the Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus 1-Meter Extension With Plug to the teens and young adults in your life. These LED light strips retail for $40 and can follow voice commands when connected to Google Assistant. A more subtle but equally vibrant option is the Nellsi Sunset Lamp. For just $26, this portable lamp can project 16 different colors.

Cavo Candles

Cavo candles, Black-owned candle brand
Photo: Cavo Candles

Mixing music and fragrance, Cavo Candles makes it easy to set a vibe in your home. This vegan, eco-friendly, Black-owned brand offers unique candles, each of which is paired with a customized playlist. So whether you’re celebrating payday, a new home, or simply need a good cry, Cavo Candles passes the vibe check musically and aromatically. 

We’re Not Really Strangers 

We're Not Really Strangers
Photo: We’re Not Really Strangers

Catering to one’s mental health is a top priority for this generation. “We’re Not Really Strangers” (WNRS) is a card game designed to spark and empower meaningful conversations. While the original game allows players to build connections with others, WNRS also launched a self-reflection kit to inspire users to connect with themselves. These cards make for a fantastic gift regardless of where someone is in their healing journey! 

Bonus: The WNRS Self-Relfection Kit and other card sets are on sale now! 

You Matter

You Matter Hoodies Demetrius Harmon
Photo: You Matter

Sometimes all you need is a hug, and You Matter has created hoodies that feel “soft like a hug but heavy like a gravity blanket and as light as a feather” to provide ultimate reassurance. With founder Demetrius Harmon’s mantra, “I feel weak, but I know I’m strong,” inscribed on the inner wrists of each sleeve, these hoodies are designed with people who struggle with self-harm in mind. After dealing with his own suicidal urges, Harmon created You Matter not only to reassure those struggling with their mental health but also “to spread love and normalize the complexities of the human experience.” 

Vagabond Loungewear 

Photo: Vagabond Loungewear

Vagabond is a Black, Haitian-woman-owned loungewear brand based in Brooklyn, NY. With sizes, XS – 3XL, the inclusive brand is home to comfortable and stylish pieces designed with the Black community in mind. Vagabond has cozy pieces for everyone, from satin-lined hoodies to minimalist lounge sets. 

Don’t be discouraged if the site appears unavailable; the brand is preparing for its upcoming drop on December 10! In the meantime, check out their Instagram @shop.vagabond. 


SZA, Drake, Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill tote bags, black-owned business
Photo: Artsunsac

A crossover between fashion, music, and art, Artsunsac bags are the perfect gift for the music lovers in your life. The brand sells woven tote bags inspired by popular album covers by artists like Drake, SZA, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean. 

Bobbi Made This

Bobbi Made This
Photo: Bobbi Made This

Certified by Beyoncé, this Black-woman-owned brand makes jewelry that makes a statement. Bobbi Made This is known for producing bold, colorful earrings from polymer clay. These attention-grabbing earrings make any outfit look luxurious without the price tag. 

Bag Shop NYC 

Reusable tote bags, Bag Shop NYC
Photo: Bag Shop NYC

Reusable tote bags are no longer just used for grocery shopping. With the rise of sustainable fashion, both men and women have been accessorizing with canvas bags. Bag Shop NYC is a Harlem-based, Black woman and Latino-owned brand making affordable and stylish reusable bags inspired by iconic NYC imagery.

Raytec Audio 

black-owned speaker brand
Photo: Raytec Audio

Music is a staple in Black culture. So why not use a Black-owned sound system to listen to it?  Raytec Audio is a Black woman-owned company offering quality products without the hefty price tag typically associated with tech gadgets. From Bluetooth speakers to headphones to earbuds, Raytec is perfect for the gym, work from home, or at-home dance parties.  

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The post Trendspotting: A Black-owned gift guide for Gen Z appeared first on TheGrio.